Monday, September 25, 2006

Home- New Arrivals

I am at home with my new baby girl (Miss V) and puppy (Miss B) sitting on my front step in the sun. There's been a week of rain with a few last beautiful days before the winter bears down on us. A lot has changed in the last few months and it's hard to cover in my short intermittent posts. Miss V was born a week ago and we got the puppy in July. Boyo is adjusting well but is throwing a few extra tantrums and learning that you can't poke your fingers in the baby's eyes.

Boyo seems like a giant now even though he was a full 2 lbs lighter than Miss V when he was born and still hovers at the third percentile for weight. It's hard to fathom that he was smaller than her.

Miss V was born without any of the worries that we had with Boyo. No high blood pressure for me, no complications, and she latched on right away. We even got to have the water birth that we planned. Boyo came much too quickly for us to even fill up the tub and he had to be hooked up to a monitor so the water birth was out with him. My recovery this time has been much easier. I'm guessing a few hours in warm water helps. I'll report back if Miss V seems like a calmer baby because of the gentler entrance into the world. So far, so good.

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