Friday, December 08, 2006


Life is so much different than it was in my 20's. Two children and 4 animals later my life is full of adult responsibilities. Motopop came with two cats. The one pictured has adopted me as 'her' person and the other cat now tolerates me.

We are going away over the holidays and have to find a cat sitter for the first time. Previously we've only had to have someone check on the food and water but now one of our cats needs a pill every day for a thyroid condition. I have a hard time imagining anyone outside this house getting close enough to her to even try to give her a pill.

I wouldn't trade my life now for the footloose 20's. I will be happy when the kids are old enough to entertain themselves a little bit more. From what I hear we have about two years to go before it gets any easier.

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