Friday, August 26, 2005

Parenting on a Stick

I LOVE the Minnesota State Fair. I took the day off yesterday and we went to opening day. We set off at 10:30 in the morning and figured we'd stay as long as Boyo was doing alright. I can't believe how well he did. We didn't leave until 8:45!

Highlights included:
  • Getting pictures of him in his John Deere snapsuit sitting on John Deere tractors
  • Hearing a dad tell his son "Oh honey, that's not where you go to SEE alligators; it's where you go to EAT alligators" about a 'Gator on a stick' booth
  • Seeing that a radio station had set up a 'Lactation Station'- a tented in area with chairs where you could nurse
  • Playing the State Fair Scavenger hunt that some friends put together where we tried to get photos of things like 'best ZZ Top beard' and 'most food items on a stick carried at once'
I didn't see some other highlights since I'd seen them in previous years:
  • Pet surgery- live spaying and neutering in the pet building
  • Largest hog
  • Robot wars
I was a little dissapointed with my food experience. You have to eat a lot at the fair but I had a hard time matching my food cravings with the food that was around me. I ate plenty anyway but it's much more satisfying when you think "Mmm, I'd really love some cheese on a stick now" and you turn around and see the cheese on a stick booth.

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greg from daddytypes said...

OK, I give up. Where'd you get the green John Deere snapsuit? All I can find is white and grey.

[Although looking more closely at the picture, it looks like more than just the JD logo...]

much obliged [and great blog, btw.]