Sunday, August 21, 2005

Punk Rock

We've been cleaning the house for a week to get ready for the in-laws to stay with us. Last night they arrived about 9 and we realized the baby and the in-laws would be asleep by ten and we could actually go out and see some music! We quickly perused the shows and decided on The Soviettes, The Marked Men, Birthday Suits, and Mut Era. We got there during Birthday Suits and bought earplugs at the bar first thing- we may like to rock but we're not stupid. This band put on the loudest show I've ever seen for just one drummer and one guitarist. We found out that they are two former members of Sweet JAP so that makes sense.

By the second band Motopop had had a mid-life conversion to punk rock. He was trying to convince me that we needed to start a punk rock band and with each drink he repeats things more so he repeated this A LOT. I don't know if we're supposed to start this band before or after we buy jetskis, buy an airplane, win the lottery, build a three-car garage, or make any of the many other motorized vehicle purchases he has planned. Somehow I think that if we are even in a position to contemplate buying a jetski we don't have much punk rock cred.

The Soviettes were their usual combination of haphazard and awesome and definately have punk rock cred. It's so great to be at a show where women are at least half of the front row. It was also great to have no one smoking since they just recently banned smoking in bars. We walked back to the car at 2am and got gyro/falaffel sandwiches along the way relishing the late hour.

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