Thursday, September 29, 2005

Birth Story

I have been meaning to write Boyo's birth story for some time. Seven months later I am sure I have forgotten some of the details. Last night I had a horrible episode of heartburn, the same kind that sent me to the emergency room a couple weeks after Boyo was born because the intense, all-consuming pain radiating from the center of my chest. Many tests were run before they diagnosed it as gastrointestinal. It reminded me of the pain of childbirth that blocks out absolutely everything else and seems like a small miracle when it subsides.

There is a beautifully written birth story over at the Leery Polyp. It helped me tremendously to read about birth beforehand but you just don't know what it will be like. Once I was in the thick of it the one thing that helped most with the pain, vocal toning, was something that I never thought I would use. I love how this essay conveys that no matter how much you think you know there are things you will experience that you just can't describe. She also does a good job of portraying how you have to surrender yourself to the process in order to move through it.

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