Friday, May 19, 2006

Baby Kicks

So with my infrequent posting I haven't talked much about being pregnant again. Girl baby, due in September, very excited and nervous. It's a crazy decision to have one and I think we've had it fairly easy with Boyo. Overall he has a charming personality AND he lets us sleep in. I don't think he's woken me up on a weekend before 9am in quite sometime (watch, tomorrow he'll be up at 6). It is working great for Motopop to stay home with him. He's having a bit of a time squeezing in the real estate selling but he is wonderful with Boyo.

But here I am on Friday afternoon burnt out from a week on the job and feeling -kick, kick, kick. "Just a few somersaults to let you know I'm here." I don't know if it's the chocolate I just ate or the music I just put on but she's awake now. So I'm thinking about how crazy our lives are going to be with 2 and hoping that we are up to the task- and we can afford it. Those insurance copays sure take a hit on the paycheck.

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