Thursday, June 01, 2006

Voltron R.I.P.

We had a terrible shock yesterday. Our beloved pugdog passed away with very little warning. He was almost 7 years old and a pug's life expectency should be 12 to 14 years. We've known since the day we got him though that even 14 years would have been far too short with this dog. He was truly a special dog.

Motopop and I are just heartbroken and know that it has just barely begun to hit us. We brought him everywhere we could. He went to more parties than most people. He was snuck into bars and movies inside his bag. He was most happy when he was around his 'pack'. We never had to worry when Boyo pounced on him with toddler love and exuberance. He was very patient as we were teaching the boy the meaning of 'gentle'.

We don't quite know what happened. He hadn't been eating well for about a week and he woke up with some type of episode on Saturday. Yesterday while I was at work Motopop said he was not his normal self. He didn't get excited over words like 'walk' or 'car ride' and didn't settle in to comfortable spots for napping. He went to the vet in the afternoon and aside from an elevated white cell count the bloodwork was fine.

The most amazing part is that he waited until I got home to pass. I went to pick up his perscriptions on the way home and I guess he spent several hours just sitting in the entryway before I got there. When I walked in the door he had just collapsed and thrown up. I watched Motopop try to comfort him and then he was just gone. So unexpected. We will miss him greatly.

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